Friday, September 28, 2012

Dubuque, Iowa

We visit Dubuque, Iowa often and got back there again in the summer of 2012.  There are lots of great places to eat, shop, and see.  Dubuque contains many brick residential and commercial buildings with interesting architecture showing off its long history. 

The country side north of Dubuque is the hilly part of Iowa known as the Driftless Area with lots to see, do, and eat.  The Mississippi River seperates East Dubuque, Illinois from Dubuque, Iowa.  Don't forget to drive over and check out East Dubuque.

In keeping with tradition, Melody and I visited the local botanical gardens known as Dubuque Arboretum Association.  We caught many flowers in bloom and their was a wedding going on for one of the Country's Marines.  Check out the tree area while you are there to pick out the species you would like to plant in your yard.


We liked all of the antique stores and restaurants that we stopped at while in Dubuque.  We had a great pasta meal at Little Italy in the downtown area.  We enjoyed the food, decor, and staff.  We also ate at the Shot Tower which is in an old brewery.  They once made cannon balls by dropping molten lead off of a very tall tower to form a ball before it solidified and hit the ground.  The Driftless Area contains many historic small lead mines. 

Happy trails and good eats on your own day trip to the Dubuque region of Iowa,  ...Mike & Melody

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