Sunday, June 17, 2018

My Basement Tiki Bar

Gins 29
Liquors 9
Rums 7
Vodkas 5
Tequilas 2
Scotch 1 - 18 year old Highland Park

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunny California

West Coast bound for a road trip to visit our son in Los Angeles.  We spent nearly a week around the greater L.A. basin.  Had a blast.  Please read on for some of the highlights  .  

Making morning tea off the trunk of the car somewhere in southern Kansas at dawn after driving all night from eastern Iowa.

It seemed like every little town in the central plain states had these big silos.

Above and below:  photographs from a ghost town on Highway 54 along the Texas and New Mexico state line.  

Arizona desert.

Historic Route Highway 66 heading into California.

Joshua trees of the California desert.

Below are the pics arriving at our VRBO vacation home in Eagle Rock.  Eagle Rock is situated between Burbank and Pasedena.  The perfect home base for the L.A. basin.  A big shout out to the VRBO vacation home owners for a quaint clean place to call home.

Ah, where to eat for our first night.

Above and below pics. 
Long lived tiki bar in North Hollywood - Kahuna Tiki.
I love stopping at authentic old school tiki bars.

Click here for more about tiki movement in America.

Headed over to the other side of L.A. into Long Beach and San Pedro.

We were able to tour the U.S. S. Iowa battleship for free as residents of the great State of Iowa.

Then over to the western side through Torrence where we once lived for a walk about at Redondo Beach boardwalks.  

We also took the ferry over to Catalina Island for the day.

Above:  Harbor at Avalon, Catalina Island.

Street view of the City of Avalan, Catalina Island.

Above and below: Boardwalk at Catalina Island.

 The below six photographs are from the Wrigley Monument and Botanic Gardens on Catalina Island.  The Botanic Garden has many plant species endemic to the Channel Islands. 


We took a submarine ride before leaving Catalina Island.  This boat had a below deck space with windows to view the oceanic fish species.

Our trip would not be complete without spending the day at Disneyland in Aneheim.  The last time that we were here was 30 years ago.

Below are some photographs of the other places that we dined at while in L.A.

We found this Nepalese place in Colorado on our way back home.  Tasty lunch buffet.

No trip would be complete with stopping at the various third wave coffee shops along the way.

Ahh, back home in Iowa.

...Happy Trails