Saturday, November 25, 2017

Burlington, Iowa on the Mississippi River

We picked a beautiful fall day and headed down to the old Mississippi River town of Burlington, Iowa.  Its a city of about 27,000 people and was founded in 1833.  It was apparently a busy port town in its day with the interesection of the railroads and the river.   There are pletny of old brick buildings and brick roads aroud town.  The downtown area are recognzied as a Historic District.  

There is an old alley up on bluff from the river that connect two streets at different elevations.  This alley was constructed in the 1800's with switch backs to accomodate the horse drawn buggies since it was so steep.  Its known as Snake Alley.  Even the bricks are put in place at an angle to provide a level surface.

We had lunch at The Drake.  The building was a hardware store once upon a time.  Now they turn out wood fired entrees and other treats.  The food and service were great.  

We headed further into the downtown are for a cup of joe and tea after lunch.  Found the Beancounter Coffeyhouse and Drinkery.  The baked goods were the best.  The owner explained that they get a special blend from Gounds and Hounds Coffee Company for their coffee drinks.  Every pounds saves a hound - gotta love the doggies.  The coffee was perfect.

We spent the lazy part of the afternoon exploring Crapo Park.  Get this, Crapo Park was established in 1895 through a donation from a local businessman.  An individual by the name of Zebulon Pike first raised the American flag on Iowa soil in 1805 at this park, cool.  Its now an 85-acre arboretum and botantical park.  Lots of old trees to enjoy the fall colors including four species (Arizon cypress, black hickory, pawpaw, & black walnut) on Iowa's big tree inventory.  There are apparently over 200 species of vines and trees in the Park according to the City's web page.  There is a statue honery General John M. Corse.  Gneral Corse served in the Union Army during the Civil War as part of the 6th Iowa Infantry.  He has a lengthy and full history in Burlington, Iowa.  There are also some old WWII guns at the Park.  We asked around town why the old WWII guns were at the Park and every merchant said to keep Illinois people away.  The plaque on the old guns was dedicated to those that served in the military.  

We ended the day with supper at the Krafted Bar and Bistro.   It was good, but need to try it again for our full review. 

We really enjoyed Burlington, Iowa.  Looking forward to exploring some of the other Iowa towns south of Burlington along Mississippi River like Fort Madison and Keokuk.  

  ...Happy Trails,
Mike & Melody