Thursday, December 31, 2015

Overnight Downtown Chicago -

Happy New Year 2016!

We spent an overnight in Chicago before dropping our eldest son off at O'Hare Airport for his trip back to Seattle.  We packed a lot of fun into our trip.  Uber shuffled us around the downtown area quite efficiently.

First stop after checking into our room at the Fairfield Inn River North Downtown was a nice bookstore known as after-words not too far down the street from the hotel.


Right photo: view from hotel room window.

A cup of coffee and conversation before heading off for supper at a three-star restaurant known as Blackbird.


We were able to modify the chef's tasting menu for our meal.  We had froglegs, scallops, brussel sprouts, walleye, gnocchi, rabbit, followed by a couple of dessert dishes plus plenty of good drinks.

  ...yes very tasty

The next morning we got in line for the first wave into the art museum.
Always like the Impressionism hall and the other 19th century art.

There were pottery items in the Chicago art museum dating back to 500 BC - wow.

Always street people either begging, playing music, or selling their wares.  

Can't wait to get back to Chicago.   


Happy trails...