Sunday, September 15, 2013

Off to Galena, Illinois

There is a pizza place in Sabula, Iowa known as Bombfire Pizza that we were heading for lunch, but it happen to be closed on the Holiday.  Gotta check this place out some day real soon.  Very interesting!
Bombfire Pizza, Sabula, Iowa.
We drove up to Galena, Illinois on a Holiday Monday by way of Sabula, Iowa and Savanna, Illinois.  Went by Frank Fritz Finds one of the Pickers in Savanna.  His place is in an old opra house.  Lots of stuff to pour through at this place. 

Frank Fritz Finds place in Savanna, Illinois.
We had a good walk up and down the shopping district in Galena, Illinois.  Lots of classic cars and polished motorcycles.  The place was busy.  We founds antiques and collectables for our home and yard.  Had supper at  the Market House Restaurant and Tavern.  Its upstairs from the street, but we suggest entering from the side from the alley for that old town feeling.  Small scale establishment including vegitarian menu items. 
Classic car and looking up at the shopping district strip in Galena, Illinois.
Outside of the Market House, Galena, Illinois.
Inside the Market House.
Supper at the Market House.
Happy trails to you all,  ...Mike & Melody


Still Enjoying Cedar Falls, Iowa Again

We were up in Cedar Falls, Iowa visiting the children again and tried a couple of new local eateries and some good ice cream from town.  First we enjoyed the Artapalooza downtown Cedar Falls.  There were many vendors with pottery, paintings, beads, jewelery, and the like.

We have a great evening meal from the Brown Bottle along the Cedar River.  The four us had sprimp fettuccine, crusted salmon, lemon chicken, and beef manicotti dishes.  A good feed was had by all.

Goat cheese and gin to start with, then salmon and shrimp
for the main coures.  Yum yum.

Lunches were at Toads Bar and Grill and Soho Suchi Bar and Deli, both downtown.  There was something for everyone at Soho.  Its a deli, tapas menu, and sushi bar.  Almost confusing, but we did a combination of tapas dishes and deli sandwiches.  Very tasty. 

Fun at Toads Bar and Grill.

Soho Sushi Bar and Deli next to the historic Blackhawk Hotel.

We topped it all off with some delicious ice cream from 4 Queens Dairy Cream.  Next time in Cedar Falls, check out these stops.

Happy Trails,  ...Mike & Melody   

Back to Iowa City

We slipped away last Sunday to spend the rest of the day in Iowa City, Iowa.  We need to stock up on some stuff from New Pioneer Coop.  Anyway, check out this great place for a meal - Oasis Falafel Joint.  Fantastic eats - the best falafel.  Melody had the falafel in a pita and Mike had chicken and falafel in a pita.  Make sure you put some of the cabbage relish in the pita too.  Afterwards we enjoyed pickin' out cool stuff from a junk store known as the Artifacts.  Open to 5 on Sunday at 331 Market Street.  You won't be disappointed.  
Happy trails,  ...Mike and Melody

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Go to these three places in Minneapolis, Iowa City, & Seattle

While up in Minneapolis recently we ate at our favorite wood fired pizza place and then finally caught the bakery next door open for business, Rustica.  We are often eating our pizza too late in the day.  Rustica was voted one of the top ten bread bakeries in America.  Wow, excellent bakery items.  We could not stop eating the loaf of artisian bread (rustic) until it was gone and the eclaires were outstanding.  Check it out.  Its worth the stop just to take in the aromoa of the baked goods and fresh brewed coffees.

If you are ever in Iowa City and want some old school grocery shopping check out John's Grocery.  The grocery store has been around since 1948 and the building has been there since 1848.  The store has a deli and a sweet beer label collection.
Melody in an asile packed floor to ceiling.
Which beer to pick?

We would be remiss if we did not also mention Sitka and Spruce as a great place to eat when you find yourself in Seattle.  Our son is the sous chef.  The establishment was recently mentioned in the NY Times travel section as one of Seattle's new showrooms, although its been around a little bit.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cedar Rapids Iowa Was on the Way

We found ourselves back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on a short loop around central Iowa.  It was quick stop over the lunch hour.  Had lunch at the Parlor City Pub and Eatery on the corners of 3rd  street in the New Bohemia District.  Our daughter Mariah and her boyfriend Alan joined the fun.  Mike had the chicken philly - yum.  You gotta check out this eatery and the District.  The place was full of local antiques from former business of Cedar Rapids.  Lots of beers on tap with nicely done up menu to score IBU or  bitterness and taste.

Almost right next door is a great junk and antiques shop with lots of good stuff.  The #rd Street Resale Store is also worth the stop.  We found some more old glass ware, old bottles, and other little odds and ends.  

Happy Trails,  ...Mike & Melody