Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Enjoying Cedar Falls, Iowa Again

We were up in Cedar Falls, Iowa visiting the children again and tried a couple of new local eateries and some good ice cream from town.  First we enjoyed the Artapalooza downtown Cedar Falls.  There were many vendors with pottery, paintings, beads, jewelery, and the like.

We have a great evening meal from the Brown Bottle along the Cedar River.  The four us had sprimp fettuccine, crusted salmon, lemon chicken, and beef manicotti dishes.  A good feed was had by all.

Goat cheese and gin to start with, then salmon and shrimp
for the main coures.  Yum yum.

Lunches were at Toads Bar and Grill and Soho Suchi Bar and Deli, both downtown.  There was something for everyone at Soho.  Its a deli, tapas menu, and sushi bar.  Almost confusing, but we did a combination of tapas dishes and deli sandwiches.  Very tasty. 

Fun at Toads Bar and Grill.

Soho Sushi Bar and Deli next to the historic Blackhawk Hotel.

We topped it all off with some delicious ice cream from 4 Queens Dairy Cream.  Next time in Cedar Falls, check out these stops.

Happy Trails,  ...Mike & Melody   

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