Saturday, September 8, 2012

Clinton, Iowa

Clinton, Iowa is located along the Upper Mississippi River.  The city was first settled in the mid 1800's as the town of Lyons and later merged with Clinton.  Many businesses and industries were established in Clinton including major lumber mills.  The downtown covers a relatively large area with many buildings containing distinctive architectural features.  The forests along the river offered timber for the western expansion during the 1800s and the river was used to transport the logs.  Look for the older brick buildings for these industries as you drive around town.  History of Clinton, Iowa   Architecture in Clinton

We visited Clinton in October of 2011.  We started our day trip with lunch at Rastrelli's in the old Lyons shopping district.  Rastrelli's was established in 1939.  We enjoyed the buffet with all kinds of dishes including desert.  Rastrelli's 


Don't miss some snacks for later or to take home from the Sweetheart Bakery across the street from Rastrelli's.  Lots of great breads, cookies, and other pastries.  We like a great bakery that has history.  Sweetheart Bakery 
A great way to burn off a big Italian lunch is to take a walk around the BickelHaupt Arboretum in Clinton.  A compact botanical park with lots of trees and a cat escort.  Bickelhaupt Arb 

Lastly, as you head out of town you don't want to miss a walk through the Clinton Hardware General Store.  Its been around forever.  There are warped wooden floors and stuff hanging everywhere.  Lots of old school toys for the kids.  We remember taking our kids here nearly 20 years ago.     
Happy trails and good eats on your own day trip to Clinton in Iowa,
...Mike & Melody

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